2023-03-18 kl. 14.45

Notice of outcome in Written Procedure for bonds issued by Hancap AB (publ)

To the bondholders in the senior secured fixed rate bonds with ISIN: NO 0010769276 (SEK), NO 0010769284 (NOK) and NO 0010769292 (USD), (the “Bonds”) issued by issued by Hancap AB (publ) (the “Issuer”).

In the written procedure for which notice was given on 28th of February 2023 and last date to vote was 16th of March 2023, the agent hereby announces the successful completion of the written procedure in relation to the amendment and restatement of the Terms and Conditions and to provide certain consents and waivers under the Terms and Conditions (the “Request”).

The SEK 10,000,000 should be paid before end of March and this will be announced directly by the Issuer.

Please find the whole notice linked below: